How to Use Mind Maps for Studying

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Image maps and diagrams are a fantastic way to visualize the material that you are learning and put it into a way that you can understand it rapidly and regurgitate it onto a test.

This method works fantastic for pharmacology, microbiology, and anesthesia with the planes and depth levels. An image map can be made on Goconqr or on a program such as paint if you have enough experience and time to design it. I feel that Goconqr is the most easy way to achieve this without much computer experience.

After you have made an account, you can find the mind map creation button quite easily. The picture below will show you where you can find the creation button.

The mind map creation menu will pop up. The below image is what you will see. The green highlighted areas are modification options for your text on each node, the red highlighted areas are modification options for the actual nodes.

The red arrow is pointing to the plus button which will create your first node from the center of your mind map. Just click with the left mouse button and drag it down to create your node.

After you have created your first node, you can move it to any side of the main node. Just click off the bubble to save the settings, then click on it again and drag it to any side of the main node as visualized below.

From this point on, only your creativity is needed to create a cool mind map. I like to make four nodes (one on each side to get started) then branch from there. My first picture on this article was my first mind map that I made for microbiology to memorize all the bacteria we had to know for an exam.

As you make more nodes, you may notice that the line that connects one or more nodes will have a gradient color rather than a solid color. This can be displeasing to some people. To disable this, follow the diagram below. Undo the check mark on the last option under the second node option button.

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