Take Turns Drawing Flash Cards to Pass Your Next Test

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Studying effectively for a long period of time without getting burned out requires creativity and motivation to strive for the highest grade possible. By far the most fun way of studying I have found to this day is to study in groups where you rotate through the group asking questions. I am using this method to study for the VTNE.

Put all of your flash cards into a bucket or hat then start drawing the cards out and asking questions. I put the question on one side and the answer on the other side. They are printed in such a way that you can fold them to where the question is on one side, the answer on the other. You can use tape or glue after you cut them out.

Creation of This Game in Detail

Start by going to Quizlet.com and making a free account. You do not need to pay money for this service unless you plan on adding pictures to your flash cards or color. You can bold words by putting an asterisk on both sides of a word or sentence. I usually just bold the answer side of the card.

Click the create button at the top of Quizlet page and start typing your questions and answers for each card. Questions go on the right, answers on the left. You can ask a question and put options below the question from A-D or only the question without options.

After you have all of your cards made, you are going to click the circle with three dots inside of it and click print. You may click here to see my example of a flash card deck.

You can choose your size of cards that you want which will generate a printable PDF. The print button is indicated by the highlighted area below. The cards are printed on a regular piece of paper with the answers on one side of the paper, questions on the other. Dotted lines show you exactly where to cut.

The big flash cards are ideal for diagrams which is what displayed below. The small size which I used for the bowl in the first picture of this article is ideal for multiple choice or short answer questions, and the index card size for longer answers.

Please click this link if you want to learn how to make excellent diagram flash cards. A few different ways to make your flash cards are below. You may use paper flash cards if you cannot afford the ink and paper for this method. This is highly suggested for people who go to a school that allows unlimited use of a library.



The rules are relatively simple and can be done one of two ways. You can make it so the person drawing the card has to answer their own question and get the point for it or you can have anyone else able to answer but the person who drew the card. Each card answered successfully will placed into a winning pile for each player with the total being tallied at the end.

All question and answer cards should be placed into the bucket with the question side facing up so you do not get the answer before reading the questions for the next game.

You can do this without any other people if you are studying by yourself. You can just ask your self the question and answer it out loud.

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