How to Make Diagram Flash Cards on Quizlet

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Creating the Image

First I will show you how to make a diagram to study from. I am going to take a sample diagram from my anatomy class to show you how to achieve this. This diagram can work for flash cards or as a print out that you can practice writing the right answers down on over and over again.

Open up paint and copy/paste the above image to paint. Switch all of your paint settings to the same as I have them below. Have the rectangle shape selected, solid color under the fill bucket icon, thickest line possible selected under size. Black color on left side and white color on the right side of the color selection interface.


Drag your cursor to draw rectangles over the words so that they blend in with the background and essentially disappear. Do this with all of the words in your diagram. If you find that the rectangle comes out too large, you can reduce your line size down 1 or 2 notches. Select the paint bucket icon which is indicated by the red highlighted square in the next image and switch the white color on the right side of your color interface to gray.


I use gray because it will still show up among all of the white boxes when printed on a black and white printer if you cannot afford color. If you are going to print out one image with the answers and one image without the answers to place back to back in a page protector for studying, gray boxes are not required. For that technique, you can read more at my other post: Preparing For a Diagram Test.

Color one white rectangle the color gray with the paint bucket then click “save as” and save it as diagram #1. Hit Ctrl+Z at the same time to undo that command or color that square white again. Color a different white square gray and save it as diagram #2. Repeat until you have each individual anatomical part as an individual gray box, saved as its own image. Make sure to do “save as” every time, not just a save or that will mess it up. It should look like the below picture examples (I have included 4 examples). Diagram 1, 2, 3, and 4.


Quizlet Creation

Next you need to create an account on Quizlet and upgrade for $14.95 a year in order to use images for your flash cards. You can easily enough just print out the filled out and the not filled out diagrams if you cannot afford this cost. Once you are logged in you will want to hit “create” at the top of the Quizlet page then start working on your set.

The left side is the answer side, the right side is the question side. You will know which body part/anatomical part it is asking you about by the highlighted gray boxes that you made. Now you just need to upload your images so you can study them! This can work for any identification or diagram test! I also like to flip diagrams that can be flipped, upside down to further test my memory then making a separate study set for that if I need additional studying.


You can print these out by clicking the 3 dot icon above the flash cards which is indicated by the yellow square on the previous image. You can print them as an index card size, small flash card size, or half index card side. These options will be displayed to you. This depends on how extensive the diagram is or image is that you are wanting to study. Alternatively you can study them online while utilizing the “shuffle my cards” feature to optimize retaining the information by clicking the flash cards button.

I offer free support for anyone who needs help beyond what I have covered in this blog. Contact me at if you need any support.

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