Everything I needed to Know About Life I Learned from the Animal Shelter

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There Are Good and Bad Days

That things happens and life goes on. Some days are worse, some are better. Some days we are down in the dumps wishing that the day never started and other days we make memories worth reflecting on years down the road. Some days you will cry and that is okay, it is better that keeping it in. The reality is that some things happen that bother us more than some people can understand. I always used such grief to fuel my endeavors to save the ones that I could.

Persistence and Never Giving Up


I have learned to be persistent, to never give up on an issue or cause even if it seems hopeless and people tell me to give up. I remember an orange cat that came in with an illness that was so severe the cat had to be force fed canned food each day for 40 days along with fluids. The above cat was the cat that was sick.

There is the one time I walked through around 32 inches of snow to get to work when no vehicles could move. That was a day even a tow truck had to be towed.


I have appreciated everything I have ever gotten in my life, even if it was small. Cats appreciate food, dogs appreciate chew bones… people appreciate compliments for instance. Like the below pictures.

Second Chances – There is Always Tomorrow…

About second chances. I was given a second chance to perform well in the animal shelter after screwing up my first shot at the shelter which you can read about on my shelter success story link at the beginning of this article. I believe that everyone deserves a second chance.


About forgiveness. I always live by the motto that one who does not hold grudges and learns to forgive easy is one of the best things a person can learn to do, even if it is hard to do or the person doesn’t even think acknowledge of think it is of importance.


Trust is important in the animal shelter and in life. Trusting co-workers, yourself, and the veterinarians we work with is what makes us the strong team that we are. You must first be confident in yourself to perform well. We must also trust our volunteers and adoptees, and we do.

The World Is a Litter Box

The world is a big litter box to scratch around, and there is no reason for you to stay in one spot in life if you not decide to. While I was fighting against myself to go to college or stay in Hannibal, I considered what it would be like to advance myself and do more for the animal field.

Things Happen for the Right Reason

Events happen at the right times, for the right reasons and seem to just fall into place. While some things that happen do not make sense or appear important, every day is a build up to a more exciting future.


We all learn what sacrifice is, when we have to trade one thing for another. This could be as simple as staying up all night with no sleep to save an anemic or dehydrated animal. And it is worth it every single time.

Gift Of Life


All of the above kittens and the previously feral mom cat was adopted to wonderful homes. I have learned from one my favorite Pokemon movie and in life that the circumstances of your birth is irrelevant, it is what you do with the gift of life that makes you who are you.

Saying Goodbye

One door closes, another opens. That is life. Telling everyone that it is time to leave and take off to new opportunities is tough since I wrote this post on my last day at the shelter. You would like to stay but there are many things you will do in life and places to see. It is not so much goodbye as it is see you later.

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