How To Ace Any Diagram Test

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Veterinary technician school is tough, even more so when you have to take identification or diagram tests. I have taken many diagram tests up to this point which were quite tough. Regardless of which profession you are in, you will likely encounter a diagram or identification test at some point in time.

You must practice repetition along with using methods that reinforce both the spelling and the proper labeling of the diagram at the same time. Simply looking at the diagram and the words associated with each part hardly works, and flash cards does not achieve a great effect in this regard unless done correctly.

If you do want to make flash cards, please read this: How To Make Diagram Flash Cards

The best solution to learning diagrams and identification of body parts is with a printed out image of the diagram or body parts. You put the printed out diagram into a page protector with the answers on one side and the whited out answers on the back end. White out all of the names and body parts in paint or with traditional white out. I would scan in the image and print it twice or take a picture to upload it to my computer. From there I would open my image in paint to make modifications.

It is very easy to white out the names. Have the black color selected on the left and the white color selected on the right side of the color interface, have solid color selected under file, size 4 line thickness, and rectangle shape highlighted. Click and drag your mouse over the word.


Make sure all of the lines are the same width and length regardless of how small or large the name of the part is. If there is just one small name in the diagram, making it too small could give you the answer without thinking about it while it might not be like that on the test. Make this hard for yourself.

If you done it right – it should look something like this on the blank side of your sheet.


Have the answers available on the other side without the answers whited out. I suggest rotating the image in an image manipulation program like paint a few times and having three versions of the diagram so you don’t memorize only one version. The teacher might do this for the test also for diagrams or labeling.

Practice writing down the answers with dry erase marker over and over again. This builds repetition of where the body parts is and helps you remember the physical act of writing down the words. Flash cards and typing the answers does not achieve this. Diagram tests and identification tests rarely have word banks or allow for any misspellings if you want full points which makes it so much more important that you study the right way, the first time.

If you do know for a fact that your teacher is using the same diagram on the test – use a professional method of studying the entire diagram in less than 1 minute. Learn a phrase starting from a point then work your way around. In the next diagram lets observe this in action. Don’t use this technique for the entire diagram – focus one spot that is hard to remember.

Try to choose words and phrases that have at least the first two-three letters in common. You can use “and” along with “to” – just remember every use will only equal a space to make the sentence make sense but is not an actual component to remember your diagram.

Example starting from the tail head: Tape pins and hooks to stop flanking and switch hocks. It doesn’t have to make sense, you just have to remember it.


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